I recently bought copies of this ebook for my team to help them when performance review time comes. The style of writing is perfect for my staff to see examples of how to write fantastic self evaluations.

Troy M.

Franklin Industries

Very helpful! This book is made up entirely of sample paragraphs you can use for your self assessment. I used this book right away and impressed my boss.

Mary Hill

State of Nevada

I think this book is just great. It really helps you think about how to articulate your self evaluation phrases clearly. I appreciate how the book is organized with each chapter a category and three sections in each chapter.

Cindy S.

Staid Inc.

I don’t know how I used to complete my self evaluations. I muddled through it, but since buying this ebook, it’s gotten far easier. I like the easy download and PDF format – it made copying and pasting into my Word document super easy. I highly recommend it!

Melanie Holt

University of Florida

I dread performance evaluations! I didn’t know the right words to express my own evaluation comments, until I found this book. This is a life saver!

John R.

Home Depot

With Simple Evaluation, I was able to finish my performance review in no time – and impress my boss. I highly recommend this book!

Emily Gerard

Cisco Systems